What is the Average Cost of Braces

The Cost of Braces is about $5,000

The average cost of braces is between $3,500 and $8,000. For extreme cases that involve lingual behind the teeth braces, the cost can go above $10,000. For most people though, the price of braces will average about $5,000. People looking to get more exotic solutions such as clear retainers, clear braces and Lingual Braces will find that they will pay a premium of between $500-$2000 more than the equivalent solutions using traditional metal braces. If you want to find out about how you can save thousands of dollars on braces, read on. braces and invisalign

The important thing to remember when looking at the prices of braces in San Antonio is that they are completely negotiable. Orthodontists want your business as much as you want to work with them, so they are usually more than willing to accommodate your request to match the lowest price. In order to do that though, you are going to need to figure out what the lowest price you can get is.

Understand that orthodontic treatment is different for everyone. Orthodontists will have different ideas on how best to treat your smile and so the prices will vary. What will not vary though, is the solutions that they recommend to you. If for example you know that you want to get Damon Braces, then you should ask your orthodontist specifically for price quotes involving Damon Braces. Visiting several orthodontists will give you a range of prices that you can work with.

Using this range, you can determine what the lowest price is and use that as your starting point for negotiations with your orthodontist. If you go during slow season, such as summer or right before the holidays in December and November, you could actually save hundreds of dollars as orthodontists will be looking to fill the empty seats. Fact of the matter is many people do not like to get orthodontic treatment when it is inconvenient for them.

What you should do once you have determined the low-end of your range is to actually e-mail your orthodontist with details about your quotes that you have received and see if she is willing to beat those quotes. We recommend using e-mail to negotiate as it provides a paper trail for when you are speaking with your orthodontist. You could also be clear about what the prices include as orthodontist will sometimes not include things like the cost of retainers to make it look like the costs are lower than they appear. orthodontic treatment

If he is not willing to beat those quotes, then ask yourself if you are willing to work with him regardless of the cost. Even if he is not willing to beat your quote, chances are that he will drop the initial asking price of your treatment to something that is more manageable. You will find that the range of prices for orthodontic treatment can vary by as much as $3000 for the exact same thing. If you could save just $1500 off your treatment, think about what you could buy with that amount!