Many Benefits to Wearing Invisalign

Many Benefits to Wearing Invisalign

One benefit of using Invisalign to straighten teeth is that the trays can be easily removed when necessary. The trays are relatively nonrestrictive while in place and should be worn as often as possible in order for the alignment to properly progress, but there are important things to note in regards to eating and drinking with Invisalign. Trays should be removed prior to meals and snacks due to health risks, potential damage to the trays, and the possibility of food sticking to the aligners.orthodontic treatment

Food particles can become entangled in the metal wires of traditional braces, but eating and drinking with Invisalign poses no such problem when the alignment trays are removed. Dentists and orthodontists highly advise that trays be taken out prior to eating due to the damage that can be caused to the thermoplastic material of the trays. The first several days of Invisalign treatment can leave the mouth sore, so removing the trays and putting them back in place after eating and drinking may be painful. Following the adjustment period, eating and drinking with Invisalign should be an easy and painless process.

Cleaning and Caring for Aligners

Removing the trays while eating and drinking with Invisalign helps prevent food and bacteria from becoming lodged inside the trays while also protecting them from becoming bent during the chewing process. However, brushing and flossing after every meal helps keep teeth clean and also discourages bacteria and odor once the trays are put back into the mouth. Another effort that helps preserve the trays is regularly cleaning them with denture cream, which is both gentle and effective. A new set of trays is provided at most office visits during the treatment process and each set should be properly cleaned and cared for.

Foods Restrictions

While there are many food limitations imposed upon wearers of traditional metal braces, such as corn on the cob, apples, and chewy candy, there are virtually no restrictions imposed upon Invisalign patients so long as the alignment trays are removed prior to eating. One particular drawback for many is that it is also important to note that gum should not be chewed while Invisalign trays are in place. In addition to being difficult to chew, the sticky residue of gum can break apart and become stuck on the aligners.

Drinks to Avoid

As with eating, drinking is unrestricted while Invisalign trays are removed from the mouth. With the trays in place, it is recommended that patients stick to cold or room temperature water because it is least likely to have a negative impact on the trays. Warm and hot beverages can alter the mold of the aligners, which disrupts the alignment process. Other beverages should be consumed moderately as they may dirty or discolor the trays. Sugary beverages such as soda should be limited while wearing the trays because of their proclivity to leave sugar particles behind, though regular cleaning will help deter this.

Removing the trays while eating and drinking with Invisalign helps to ensure that the wearer does not damage the trays during meal and snack consumption. Health risks associated with keeping them in place include food becoming trapped, which encourages bacteria growth. For this same reason, teeth should be properly brushed and flossed after eating and drinking and before the trays are put back into the mouth.
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