Damon System Braces

Until relatively recently, orthodontia involved a massive commitment of time, energy, and money. In many cases, permanent teeth were extracted to “make room,” and the wires and rubber bands used could exert an extraordinary amount of force, causing extreme pain. Fortunately, as this video explains, the Damon System of braces doesn’t present any of these problems.

The Damon System does not exert massive pressure on teeth, and so is not acutely uncomfortable for the patient. In addition, it’s very rare that a patient will require a tooth extraction while wearing Damon braces, because Damon orthodontists understand that crooked teeth are caused by the muscles of the tongue and mouth being out of alignment, rather than a mismatch between jaw size and the number of teeth. Finally, Damon orthodontists pay close attention to the way that they reshape the dental arch so that premature aging is avoided.

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